Brumm Transport & Logistics

Brumm Transport is a Flatbed Transport Service specializing in Flat, Coil and Pre-Cut Steel, located in Maple Grove Minnesota. In addition to providing transportation services for specialized, heavy loads, we provide a wide range of logistic solutions.

No matter where to or where from…think Brumm.

With the rapid growth of Brumm Transport and the strong customer relationships built on the transport side, it became clear that an additional avenue was needed in helping our customers to move freight.

In 2013 Brumm Logistics was formed, working in conjuction with Brumm Transport. What help sets Brumm Logistics apart from other typical freight brokers, and 3PL’s is our ability to fall back on Brumm Transport should a local customer find themselves in a bind and need freight moved quickly. Additionally in 2013, Brumm Logistics signed on to be an agent of Jones Motor Company. This agreement gives Brumm Logistics access to a network of Owner/Operators numbering over 500 units, available nationwide.